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Mega Mall Story 2

Mega Mall Story 2 XCI NSP NSZ Download

Mega Mall Story 2 Switch NSP Free Download – Mega Mall Story 2 Switch NSP Free Download – One summer day, my friend Nathan and I headed to my dad’s home office–a camp trailer on the edge of our property–and used the Tandy computer housed there to draft a story

A new challenger steps into the world of business management,

Developed and published by Kairosoft, Mega Mall Story 2 places you in the shoes of a mall manager with a limited budget and big dreams. You start with a complex that can support a few stores on two floors. Eventually, you will expand the structure horizontally, plus build many floors higher and even dig out a few layers underground. Your ultimate goal, which you must execute within 15 years, is to produce a magnificent specimen of mall that qualifies for a 5-star rating. That’s pretty much all there is to the design, but it’s enough to make for a pleasantly diverting experience that lasts most of 10 hours or more.

Mega Mall Story 2 (MMS2) transported me 25 years back to a childhood of playing simulation games on the PC. Before The Sims came to life, there were the other “Sims”: SimCity, SimAnt, SimTown, SimCopter, SimPark, and so on . . . and SimTower. Indeed, this was a blast to the past, like I was playing SimTower again. Managing a multi-storey complex, keeping customers happy, making the rare VIP happy, building ever upward (and downward), ultimately striving for the 5-star rating. SimTower was actually the brainchild of Japanese developer “Yoot” Saito, winning him a local award and the attention of American publisher Maxis.

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